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One Love Drums is a family owned drum &
percussion company that makes beautiful
handcarved Ashiko Drums. These drums are
made to last for years, and sound really great
in the studio or around the campfire drum
circle. They come with regular or tie-dyed heads. The have different head sizes and
drum heights to fit your specific needs! These Ashiko Drums are guaranteed to sound fantastic! Order Information Below!
Thanks-Kindstuff Gallery!

20 inch length-   6 inch head       $ 120.00
24 inch length-   8 inch head       $ 170.00
27 inch length- 10 inch head       $ 220.00
31 inch length- 12 inch head       $ 275.00
36 inch length- 13 inch head       $ 320.00
Shipping costs are extra and are shipped
to your door via which ever carrier you wish!
The amount to ship drums is exactly the cost
your chosen carrier charges us. No extra handling or shipping fees ever! Guaranteed
   satisfaction. Kind Service & Delivery!
    One Love Drums & Kindstuff Gallery

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Ordering Information Kindstuff Gallery! 4 ways to order from us!
1. Call us direct at 828-266-9554 Boone NC
2. Write to us at 593 w.king st. Boone, NC 28607

3. E-mail us here at
4. Fill out our order form below. We will call you back to confirm order
and to establish payment terms. We accept major credit cards, cash, checks, etc.
Order form!

E-mail address      
Leave us a detailed message below as to your ordering interests!
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