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Welcome to Kindstuff Gallery!  We travel the globe to bring and sell the best in handmade crafts! We offer ashiko drums,
tapestries, glass and handcarved flutes, lots of stickers, carved boxes, hemp products, lots of t-shirts like

grateful dead t-shirts, blues & jazz t-shirts, jimi hendrix t-shirts, bob marley t-shirts, handprinted original shirts by Backporch T's,
batik t-shirts by Cosmic Creations, Batiks and prints by Dye The Sky, Phish T-shirts by Knighthood, embroidered dresses from India, batik dresses from Global Village, homemade candles & aromatherapy, just to name a few.
This homeplace is in the expansion phase so please understand and bear with us! And be kind always!
e-mail us at
or leave us a quick message below!

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Check out the beauty that is Hawaii- cool pics- lots of 'da kine info-