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Adolescent Research Survey

This reaction survey is for research purposes only. Please indicate your reaction to the statements listed below! The information collected is only to be used for a class project at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    Reaction Questions Strongly

1. Because adolescents do not have much experience in life, they see only their day-to-day existence!          
2. In early adolescence, love is usually limited to powerful but temporary crushes.          
3. Teenage boys are usually given more freedom than girls!          
4. Teenage girls argue more with their parents than teenage boys do. They are better and more comfortable talking with their parents than boys are.          
5. Teenage boys do not like to talk to their parents, and do not want their parents to know what is going on in their life.          
6. It is very important for adolescents (teenagers) to view their parents as being flawed.          
7. Not only do teenagers see their parents as flawed, they also find them embarrassing (shame), if seen with them anywhere outside the home!          
8. Success in the classroom or in sports is very important, but true happiness for a teenager begins and ends with friends.          
9. In general, in regards to "fitting in", teenage boys have it easier than teenage girls.          
10. Not only are teenage girls self-conscious about how they look, most of them feel they are ugly or less attractive than they really are.          

I am   _____under 18   ________over 18
I am   _____ female     ________ male

Mahalo for your help in this research project.