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KINDSTUFF-Is a real store located in BOONE,N.C.-that prides itself on selling cool useful things from our friends who are all creative artists. FEATURING- HANDMADE AFRICAN ASHIKO DRUMS-BY One Love Drums-a small family dedicated to quality drum making-featuring tie-dyed drum heads- BACKPORCH DESIGNS T-SHIRTS- individually hand-screened quality T-shirts-featuring wrap-around designs-suns-moons-kokopellis-native american style prints-drum circle print-jazz quartet prints -printed on the best quality all cotton and hemp T-shirts DYE THE SKY T-SHIRTS-from our friend Tina Carpenter-batik style printed T-shirts-featuring Dancers-Suns-Moonchaser-Animal Jam-and also featuring GRATEFUL DEAD images-and cool stickers of all these images- COOL CANDLES-including Wee Wizards for all occasions and sculpted candles from NORTHERN LIGHTS- fragrant long burning candles in Mason Jars made locally in BOONE N.C.- Glow candles from San Francisco Candle Co.- celtic image candles from ILLUMINADE DU MONDE and much more IMPORTED ITEMS FROM INDIA- from our friend KRISHNA- including many styles of batiked-wall tapestries- Brass buddhas- cool incense burners and more DRESSES SCARVES AND MORE- from our friend Janet at GLOBAL VILLAGE-beautiful batiked quality dresses-scarves-overalls-sarongs-her own images batiked for her at small family factory in Bali Indonesia. HAND-SEWN PATCHWORK CLOTHES- high quality hand sewn stuff-overall-shorts-pullovers-pants by AMY TYSON and other family friends. STICKERS-environmental-political-band stickers from hippie rock to alternative and patches too ROCK BAND T-SHIRTS- cheaper than elsewhere we promise-including WIDESPREAD PANIC-PHISH-GRATEFUL DEAD-RUSTED ROOT-cool Blues and Jazz T-shirts from New Orleans and more. HANDBAGS-POUCHES-PURSES- locally handsewn and imported too from Guatamala and Bali Indonesia-and Turkey CALL-WRITE OR E-MAIL FOR FREE CATALOG-WE LOVE TO MEET NEW FRIENDS BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 10 YEARS-BRINGING KINDSTUFF TO KIND PEOPLE

KINDSTUFF-Kind things for cool people
593 W king St
Boone,N.C., NC 28607
United States


We are a REAL LIVE business not just a virtual store. We Guarantee- FAIR PRICES-QUALITY SERVICE-FRIENDLY ATTITUDE-and truthfully quality c ool stuff you will be happy with. We accept VISA/Mastercard/Discover-checks and of course cash.If you have a special request we will fill it. Quick easy service and delivery. THANKS FOR SPENDING TIME WITH US HERE AT KINDSTUFF-a real store with cool stuff.